July 2022 to July 2023

  • Conceptualization and planning of Pulse Wallet

  • Commencement of Pulse Wallet app development

  • Development of Pulse Wallet's basic components

  • Progress in Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Social Login technology

August 2023

  • Release of Wallet App on Google Play Store

  • Beta App release on iOS Testflight

  • Introduction of Fee Rebate Program for Pulse Wallet users

  • Implementation of 12 and 24-key seed phrases import

  • Support for PulseChain dApps

  • Custom Token Support

  • Implementation of Security Features, including auto-backup for Social Login-bound accounts

  • Support for Login and MPC Wallet creation via Twitter and Apple ID

  • Launch of PulseChain Education Program (via Youtube Channel, Medium, Twitter, Telegram, and flyers)

September 2023

  • Support Ethereum network (including Ethereum tokens and dApps)

  • Support PulseChain NFTs (ERC-721)

  • Integration of PulseChain Bridge

  • Support HEX dApps

  • Enhancement of Multi-Chain Wallet UI-UX to accommodate more blockchain support

  • Wallet’s transaction history

October 2023

  • Integrate token's details

  • Add Custom Nonce

  • Official App release on App Store

  • Full dApps Browser Support

  • Integration of HD Wallet functionality

  • Proposal for Validator Staking

  • Proposal for Liquid Staking (for PLS)

  • Introduction of PLW token and sPLS token

November 2023

  • Introduction of Sacrifice Phase

  • Introduction of Point and Ref Structure

  • Support in-wallet display of PRC-1155

  • Introduction of the Emergency Escape feature

  • Hardware wallet support

  • Release of Pulse Wallet Chromium as extension for Chrome-based browsers

December 2023

  • Official release of Pulse Wallet app on Apple App Store

  • Official release of Pulse Wallet Chromium on Chrome Web Store

  • Support Polygon, Avalanche, and Base networks

  • Continued Sacrifice Phase

  • Support BNB Chain (including tokens and dApps)

  • Integration of Two-Factor Authentication

  • Introduction of Pulse Gate, allowing bridging among PulseChain, Ethereum, and BNB Chain

  • Participation in Saga Innovator Program

  • Integration of 'Discovery' tab

  • Integration of 'Reset Pin' instruction page

  • Integration of Bridge history

January 2024

  • Integration of Wallet Connect

  • Support importing Metamask private keys

  • Release of PIN code encryption for enhanced security

  • Enhanced security when importing private keys

  • Integration of Pulse Name Domain

February 2024

  • Support Arbitrum, Optimism, and zkSync networks

  • Integration of sending and receiving of tokens via QR codes and .pls domains

  • Development of Pulse Wallet's very own chainlet on Saga

  • Test deployments for integrating this custom chainlet into Pulse Wallet

Q2 - 2024

  • Release of PLW token

  • Implementation of PLW token buyback and burn contract

  • Introduction of PLW trading and staking

  • Messaging between wallet addresses (available for Pulse Name Domain owners)

  • Release of Multisend

Q3 - 2024

  • Implementation of Paymaster & Gasless Transaction

  • In-wallet Validator Marketplace and fee structure

  • Integration of Validator Staking and fee structure

  • Introduction of Paymaster SDK for dApps and Wallet

  • Fee structure for Gasless Transaction and Paymaster SDK

  • Trading of Liquid Staking Token (sPLS)

Q4 - 2024

  • Shield transaction for PLS and PRC-20 tokens

  • Introduction of Native Fiat on/off ramp, including support for Asian currencies, EUR, USD, and more

  • Pulse Payment (Asian currencies)

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