Revenue Source

Pulse Wallet derives its revenue from a variety of sources, all aimed at ensuring the uninterrupted and streamlined functioning of its ecosystem. In this page, we will delve into these revenue streams, highlighting how each contributes to the sustainability and growth of Pulse Wallet.

Gas-less Transactions

One of the key features of Pulse Wallet is the ability for users to execute gas-less transactions. This means users can make transactions without the need for PLS for gas fees, and they can pay gas fees in any token with good liquidity. To facilitate this, Pulse Wallet is implementing a paymaster contract. This contract acts as an intermediary, assisting users by converting the token the users choose to pay in into PLS then paying gas fees with that PLS. Pulse Wallet generates revenue through the paymaster contract by earning fees on these gas-less transactions. This revenue stream ensures that Pulse Wallet can continue to offer users a seamless and cost-effective transaction experience for everyone on Pulse Chain.

Validator Marketplace

Pulse Wallet operates a marketplace for node operators to bid on user PLS (PulseChain's native token) delegates to their validator nodes. Users who delegate their PLS tokens to validators within the Pulse Wallet ecosystem receive a portion of the staking rewards. Pulse Wallet charges a fee for node operators for successful bidding, creating a sustainable source of revenue. This model not only incentivizes node operators to provide efficient and secure services but also rewards users for actively participating in the network.

Built-in Swap and Fiat Gateway

In addition to gas-less transactions and the validator marketplace, Pulse Wallet offers users the convenience of a built-in swap and fiat gateway. This service allows users to easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another and provides access to traditional fiat currencies. Pulse Wallet holds licenses to operate fiat gateways in Southeast Asia and the EU, with ongoing efforts to secure a license in the US. Revenue is generated through fees associated with cryptocurrency swaps and fiat currency transactions. By offering these services, Pulse Wallet enhances its utility and attracts a wider user base.

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