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The demand for versatile and user-friendly tools has never been greater in blockchain. As the blockchain world transitions from a token-centric era to a more diverse and sophisticated ecosystem, traditional extension wallets have struggled to keep pace with the dynamic needs of on-chain users. Recognizing this gap, Pulse Wallet has decided to leverage our extensive industry experience to offer Pulse Wallet as a browser extension, catering to real users in practical scenarios.

At the beginning, we offer the Pulse Wallet Chromium extension for the Chromium-based browsers. It is the open-sourced, privacy fork of Rabby Wallet, built by the community, for the community.

Our goal is to provide top-notch privacy and security to our users, and we are committed to maintaining this standard. You can manage your digital assets with peace of mind, knowing that your personal information is respected and protected. We support PulseChain natively, EVM blockchains, and, in the future, SVM blockchains as well.

The Challenge with Current Wallet Extensions

Existing wallet extensions face significant limitations. Many are bound to specific blockchains, offering limited support for multichains. Additionally, their user interfaces often fall short, lacking the experience provided by mobile wallet apps. Pulse Wallet addresses these challenges head-on, presenting a solution that is not only convenient but also secure and user-friendly.

Multichain Support for Seamless Transactions

One glaring inconvenience with conventional extensions is the need to switch between different blockchains manually. Pulse Wallet eradicates this hassle by introducing a new approach to multichain scenarios. When accessing dapps on various chains, the wallet automatically selects the corresponding chain based on our extensive database. Users can also manually customize chain settings for specific sites, ensuring flexibility without sacrificing convenience. After a user manually selects a blockchain for a dapp, Pulse Wallet will automatically store those settings. The next time the user visits the site, Pulse Wallet will recall and apply the chosen blockchain settings.

As the Pulse Wallet is designed for Pulse Chain first and foremost, the browser extension will integrate Pulse Gate, a tool that enables users to effortlessly bridge their assets between PulseChain and other EVM-compatible blockchains, so everyone can enjoy a smooth and secure cross-chain experience within the wallet itself.

Superb UI/UX

Pulse Wallet goes beyond conventional extensions by offering a superb user interface and experience. By including the best features from Pulse Wallet such as RPC Balancer, Nonce management, Social Login, and MPC, we enhance both security and convenience for users engaging with various scenarios in PulseChain.

Besides, users can view transaction content and estimated balance changes before signing, allowing them to make better-informed decisions. This transparency serves as a crucial defense against potential scams or fraudulent sites, enhancing overall security.

Moreover, Pulse Wallet supports both fungible tokens and NFTs, streamlining the process of managing and trading different types of assets within a single platform.

This design reflects our commitment to providing a comprehensive and advanced tool that prioritizes user safety and ease of use.

Notable Features

With Pulse Wallet, we offer various features, including:


  • Import Wallet: import your existing wallet using 12 or 24 seed phrases.

  • Hardware Wallet: import your hardware wallet into Pulse Wallet extension for easy and secure transactions.


  • View transaction content, risk check, and estimated balance changes before signing.


  • Seamlessly switch between PulseChain and other supported EVM chains.

  • Display tokens corresponding to your selected Network.

  • Automatically switch chains corresponding to the active Dapps and websites.


  • Store all tokens on PulseChain and other EVM chains.

  • Add any custom tokens you need if they are not in the default list.

  • Support a wide range of tokens of above networks, including PLS, HEX, PLSX, ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI and many more.

  • View both NFTs and fungible tokens on PulseChain.


  • Send your tokens to anyone using wallet address, anywhere in the world, and anytime you wish.

  • Receive tokens just by sharing your wallet address.

  • Whitelist feature makes it more convenient to send tokens to frequent addresses.

Future-Proof Expansion

Pulse Wallet is set to debut on the Chrome browser, prioritizing the largest user base. Following this initial release, the extension will extend its compatibility to Safari and Firefox, catering to a broader audience and further establishing itself as a versatile and accessible tool for DeFi enthusiasts.

Pulse Wallet's roadmap also includes expanding its support beyond PulseChain and Ethereum. Future releases will incorporate compatibility with major EVM-compatible chains such as Optimism, Arbitrum, BSC, Polygon, and more.

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